This is the centre of our community. We declare that God is our creator, that He gives us breath every day and that He can give us new life in Christ. We read the Bible and we ask God to be in our midst by His Holy Spirit. We believe that He wants to reveal Himself to us through his word and the Spirit when we come together in His name and realise that we need Him. He calls us to follow Him!

Please feel welcome to join us for a service (in Dutch, summerized translation in different languages possible).


Every Saturday at 14.00 (2pm), from mid-September to mid-June (except in the Christmas holidays). For evening concerts visit www.noorderkerkconcerten.nl.

Tickets for sale from Amsterdam Uitburo(0900-0191), Amsterdam Tourist Board and Stichting Noorderkerkconcerten (020 6203119 or info@noorderkerkconcerten.nl.)

To visit the Church

Church services every Sunday at 10.00 and 18.30 hrs. (10 am and 6.30 pm).

The church is open to the public on:

Monday 10.30 – 12.30 focus: piano music
Saturday 11.00 –  13.00 focus: organ music

If not used for concert or as venue

Would you like to attend Sunday service? If you need a translator, please send a message to translate@noorderkerk.org. It’s our pleasure to assist you!

Voulez-vous assister au culte du dimanche? Si vous avez besoin de traduction, veuillez envoyer un message à translate@noorderkerk.org. Nous sommes prêts à vous aider !

¿Desea asistir al servicio dominical? Si necesita traductor, por favor envíe un mensaje a translate@noorderkerk.org. Le ayudamos con mucho gusto!

Möchten Sie den Gottesdienst am sonntag besuchen? Wenn Sie einen Dolmetscher benötigen, bitte senden Sie eine Nachricht an translate@noorderkerk.org. Es wäre uns eine Freude, Sie zu unterstützen!

Szeretne részt venni istentiszteleteinken? Ha tolmácsra van szüksége, küldjön egy e-mailt a translate@noorderkerk.org címre. Örömünkre szolgál, ha tudunk segíteni!

هل ترغب في حضور خدمة الأحد؟ إذا كنت بحاجة إلى مترجم، يرجى

!انه من سرورنا لمساعدتكم translate@noorderkerk .org إرسال رسالة إلى